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-If the game is lagging, try right clicking and selecting "low" quality. It shouldn't change anything visually, but it will most probably cause the game to run smoother.

-To reset your save, press "r" while in the Title Screen.

-Mute the music with "m" (if the game is not paused).


This is a simple game, made for Ludum Dare 29 (Jam) - the theme was "Beneath the Surface".

The instructions are simple; you can jump between the white and the black dimension by using either "z" & "x", or the left and the right arrow keys.

Pause with "p", restart a level with "r".

You can also return to the title by pressing "t", when the game is paused.

Everything is made by me, including the music, and even the art, if one can call it that. I used a program called "Stencyl" to make this game.